Saturday, 7 November 2015

REVIEW: Brandon Adamson- Popsicle Stand

Today we look at something old, but new. Simple, yet complex. Fun, yet dark. Let's dive into the world of Brandon Adamson, and his latest track, 'Popsicle Stand'...

With the old-time charm of Beach Boys, funnelled through a Moldy Peaches-like frailty, the charm and simplicity of this track sneaks it's way into your consciousness. It almost feels at times like the track may just fall apart, like it's going to come unstuck. And it makes it so exciting. Adamson's haunting, melodic vocals seem almost cheerful from the outset, but once you delve deeper, you realise there's a fantastic malevolence at work. This is clever stuff, from an exciting, forward-thinking artist.

Throughout his music, Brandon Adamson takes chances. With Genre. With Instruments. With layouts. Nothing is sacred, and nothing is beyond his grasp. He seems to go by the motto of 'if it feels good, do it'. And it pays off. Sounding like an evolution of the Post-Folk genre, he makes delicate, exciting music that sounds honest and real. He's been doing his own brand of experimental, lo-fi pop for the past 9 years, and we can't wait to hear what he comes out with next.

For more,  See his Website by clicking here.

Thursday, 8 October 2015


Ok, so what I'm about to show isn't exactly new. In fact. It's over 30 years old. So why am I banging on about it? Because the other day, I started taking DEVO seriously, and now I just can't stop...

This song's been constantly spinning round in my head the past week. That 3-note riff. That driving bassline. Mark Mothersbaugh's insistent, nerd-rage vocals. I'd heard tracks like 'Whip It' before, and I'd originally tried to get into them with their first, Brian Eno-Produced album, but to no avail.

And on an off-chance, a recommendation, I heard this. Since then I'm now bordering on obsessive, collecting and consuming everything I can. And it's all great. If you haven't taken DEVO seriously up until this point, it's time to get on board. Now excuse me whilst I go find an Energy Dome.

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

LISTEN: Fyoxo- Husky Husky

Now and again here on TMSB, we find a little hidden gem. Something we stumble upon that plays randomly on Soundcloud or Youtube from a playlist, and it makes us take notice. The other day, this was Fyoxo.

We know absolutely nothing about this producer, but we don't really need too. Sounding like a beautiful, sun-drenched dream that Rustie and Flume once shared. The track floats and winds across a tight drum pattern, with echoed-out space vocals lending even more dream-like vibes to an ethereal, beautiful beat.

With only 3 tracks to his name, we have no idea where this came has come from (other than Melbourne), or what his next move is. All we really know is that we want more. Lots more.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

LISTEN: 'Bittersweet Descent' by Ted West

Nick Cave. Chris Isaak. Massive Attack. If you mixed them altogether and added even more heartbreak, you'd get Ted West. His latest track, 'Bittersweet Descent', is a delectable slice of BreakBeat Jazz Pop. See for yourself:

As the horn section spirals further down, you go along with it, a willing passenger in the delightful journey. The delicate toy piano's innocence is played against wonderfully by the macabre, echoing vocals.

Ted West's intricate, broken style breathes new life into the tired singer/songwriter path trodden by so many before him. Experimenting with new styles and techniques, West is an exciting, interesting prospect, and one you definitely need to look out for. For more, check out his Soundcloud by clicking here.

REVIEW: Zvilnik- Gullible Travels EP

With an output so efficient it puts most full-time bands to shame, Zvilnik are once again back with this, the three-track 'Gullible Travels' EP. Sounding somewhere between indie and vaudeville, no-one does it quite like Zvilnik.

The EP is great. With an ominous feeling throughout, the palpable, joyful tension gives it a unique sound. I think perhaps it could have done with an extra track or two to help make it a substantial piece of work. But when a reviewer is complaining that there's not enough of what he's listening to, surely that only bodes well.

'Burn it like Bunsen' is the standout track of the EP. Like Long Blondes doing Arctic Monkeys, after stealing We Are Scientists' homework. Spritely guitar mixing in with dread keyboards, giving an oddly satisfying mix or irresistible danger. Post-Apocalyptic cabaret for those lucky enough to have survived the end of days.

Zvilnik are a rare commodity these days. Too jovial for the poe-faced indie elite. Too 'musical' for the novelty crowd. They don't quite fit in. And they never should. By being different, Zvilnik revel in the weird, the unique and the sublime. Go download the EP now for free at their Band Camp.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

LISTEN: Yourz Truly- Goin In For Life

Postive, forward-thinking Hip-Hop? With a great message and even better beat? Atlanta's Yourz Truly's new single delivers on multiple levels, and does it well.

Sounding like Dilated Peoples with a Southern edge, the track pushes a positive outlook without ever sounding forced. The hook is irresistible, and his effortless flow suits the laid-back style. Signed to indie label FaSho Records, this may be the first time you've heard Yourz Truly, but it certainly won't be the last.

Check his Soundcloud here for free downloads, and even more great tracks from this upcoming artists.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

LISTEN: Polypores Release New Track 'Educational Film 4'

One of the most prolific and exciting Electronica producers of late, Polypores has released 2 brand new tracks over the weekend. And they are fantastic.

'Educational Film 4' is fantastic. Evoking memories of a bygone era, Polypores channels Look Around You, Kraftwerk and Kavinsky in one fell swoop. From the arpeggiating synth to the dreamy flutes, the complex layers build to give a real sense of elsewhere and fantasist escape.

Give them a listen over at his Soundcloud Page, where the prolific producer has more exciting and challenging electronica to get stuck into.

REVIEW: Fighting- Frankie Goes to Fulwood EP

Coming out screaming and howling like a banshee with a hangover, Preston's Fighting are back, and are angrier than ever with their new EP, 'Frankie Goes to Fulwood'.

With a new drummer and the addition of fourth member to round out the line-up, the Northern lads sound fresher, faster and punchier than they've ever been. Clocking in at around 12 minutes of post-punk goodness, influences from Gang of Four, Death From Above 1979 and Mclusky can clearly be heard through the brash chords and pop hooks.

'Jon With an Afro' is the standout track amongst the bunch, the drumline and bass barrelling through the entire track as lead singer James Hodgson goes into full meltdown mode. As the song breaks and wanes into a slow, grunge-lite lull, you're rewarding as it builds back up once more, assaulting the ears with a final barrage before collapsing in on itself. Fighting are making clever, aggressive Punk with a modern twist and tongue so firmly in-cheek, it's practically busting through their face.

It sounds dirty. The melodies and lyrics almost verge on guilty pleasure territory, before being dragged back down into the gutter by staccato guitars and precise, tight drumming. This conflict between the two styles drives the tracks perfectly, making for a palpable, irresistible tension.

Fighting are a fantastic prospect. An edgy, no-nonsense bunch of lads making music to drink beer to, without being laddish or cliche. We can't wait to hear more.

Download 'Frankie Goes to Fulwood' for FREE here.